About Jack

I founded Thynke in 2016 with the aim of helping other students succeed in their studies. I graduated from Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2015, with an International Baccalaureate Diploma score in the top 2.7% worldwide.
As a high school student I tutored many students, and I hope to bring this expertise to the rest of the world. I am also actively involved in youth advocacy, having been a member of the founding Executive, and a past President of Citizens of Today, a youth-for-youth organisation promoting political and social engagement within youth.


What others say about  me


Jack epitomises that adage that if you want a job done, give it to a busy person. He has a huge appetite for work and found considerable time to also help other students by preparing resources to support their revision of class work, as well as acting for several wider community support groups. He is the exemplar of servant leadership which is a quality we espouse at the College.

Matthew Bertram, Principal, Scots College Senior School


Quite simply, Jack is one of the finest academics I have seen in my time teaching. He is driven and epitomizes the ideal of the “all round man.”

Graeme Yule, Headmaster, Scots College


Jack’s dedication and pursuit of excellence is always evident in his rigorous preparation for his studies. His written and oral work is noted for its thoughtfulness and precision. Jack also enjoys discussing the real world application of the content he is taught, such as the application of mathematics and science to his other fields of study such as economics. He is a critical and open-minded thinker, who is able to evaluate multiple viewpoints and ideas in all areas of his study.

Mathew White, IB Coordinator, Scots College


We were extremely impressed by the time you took after the workshop to read the manual and provide us with written feedback that demonstrated your commitment to making the programme more effective. We have taken on board a number of your suggestions. As a result of this, we will make significant changes to the programme that will mean it resonates more strongly with students. We believe you have made a positive contribution to the future of New Zealand.

Deborah Lucas, Chief of Staff/Head of Corporate Responsibility, Deloitte