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For $20, you'll learn about how to:

  • Design a focused essay argument
  • Plan for your essay with lightning speed
  • Write an introduction in five minutes
  • Make your essay flow like a river with the correct structure
  • Wrap up your essay with a conclusion that leaves the marker amazed
  • Maximise your marks with editing and proofreading techniques
  • Analyse and study a text with ease
  • Breathe life into your essay with the right syntax (sentence structure) and style
  • Get rid of extra and unnecessary words
  • Get out of the deep pit of writers’ block

This comprehensive 48-page guide also includes an annotated student essay, written for an exam by a high achieving NZ secondary school student.

The advice contained in the guide has already benefitted many students, so why don't you be the next?

A quick preview of what you'll get in the full guide

Here's why essay writing matters:

  • You'll need it. Trust me, if you're applying for any kind of job, you're going to have to be able to write something, and write it well. The skills you learn from writing essays can be applied to any other writing you have to do.
  • Communication is consistently ranked as one of the most important life skills. Writing is a huge part of that!
  • Your analytical abilities will improve. Think of it like becoming a bit like Sherlock Holmes - you'll be able to pick up on things, and communicate them to others.
  • Universities love students who can write well. It'll help your chances of getting in, and help you throughout your course!

Many students have already used the tips in this guide, and because it is written by a recent high-school graduate, you can be sure it is all relevant and actually going to help you. The Thynke Essay Writing Guide is perfect for anyone wishing to improve their writing skills. After reading the guide, essay writing will become an easy process, and one that you can succeed in!


NZD $20

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