Clear and effective writing in English doesn't have to be a dream.

We'll help you make it a reality.

Some editing and proofreading services are impersonal and just edit all your mistakes out and you never learn about how to write a paper properly. At Thynke, we believe that helping you to develop your skills by providing great help is the only way to offer an editing and proofreading service. In addition to correcting errors, we will provide some help and tips for writing future essays, and of course you can check out our free guidance in the Writing tab above!


Grammar, spelling, syntax, clarity


Development of ideas and argumentation


Introduction, paragraphs, conclusion, essay flow


Academic style, language choices, vocabulary

We get the whole 'student budget' thing.

That's why we only charge €6 per page (400 words). 

Cheap normally means bad quality, but rest assured that we will provide you with some great feedback and a well-edited paper. Our feedback also includes holistic comments about how to improve your writing in general, which is more than you will receive with some proofreading services!

How does it work?

You need someone to help with your essay writing. We are experts at editing, proofreading and improving essays. What more can be said? You send us your essay, we make comments and edit it for you within 48 hours, and then you receive it back, polished and ready for you to perfect! We focus on showing you how to improve your essays, rather than rewriting them for you, so don't send it to us 48 hours before it's due!