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Studying shouldn't be a mystery

We're often taught the content for the course, but we're not taught how to actually go about studying! There are so many study strategies that sometimes it all seems a little overwhelming, but with our handy guide you'll be able to figure out the best way to study for each of your subjects, maximising your time and putting you on track for some amazing results!




In this guide you'll learn about:

  • How to use brain science to study better
  • How you're actually supposed to learn, and how you personally learn best
  • Developing your own study strategy to target your areas of weakness
  • The best ways to study in general and for a range of subjects
  • How to take and make effective notes so you're not wasting time
  • Making the best use of a computer
  • How to make a plan or timetable so you cover everything
  • Finding the right study space to keep away distractions
  • Finding inner motivation and cutting out procrastination
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety so you're confident on exam day
  • What to do immediately before the exam to have the best chances of success

For only $20, in this comprehensive 49-page guide, you can learn about making the most of your study time, and be guided through designing your own personal study plan.

The guide is written by a high-achieving recent high-school graduate, and is full of the tips and tricks learned over his time at school! Check our more of Jack's story here.

These tips have already benefitted many other students, so why don't you be next?

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NZD $20

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