Success Stories

There are already many students who have benefitted from our advice and resources. Check out their stories below! We'd love to hear your story as well - please send us an email at telling us how we've helped you to succeed!


Tyler Scholtz, Wellington, NZ
I have approached Jack in search of assistance with several International Baccalaureate assignments. Jack has provided me with many services including analysing, critiquing and annotating essays, providing both insightful and knowledgeable feedback which has been stimulating in aiding me to produce new ideas. Particularly, I have been very pleased with the helpful feedback received on my World Literature Essay, both developing and guiding me to a much stronger grade. I have been nothing but pleased with Jack’s quality, punctuality, and precision in his work and would highly recommend his service to any others who seek assistance in their studies.
Sophia Wall, Palmerston North, NZ
Jack's feedback on my English essay was incredibly helpful. It made me think about how my work can be related to the wider world, to issues and events or even myself. I received an Excellence grade on my work after being told by my teacher I would get a Not Achieved the week earlier. Jack definitely knows what he is doing and I would recommend his help to you. 100% worth it.
Pietro Vendruscolo
Jack is a very kind and available person. He helped me to improve my English skills: grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. I worked with him on some of my papers and thanks to his help I got an excellent grade. I really advise you to contact Jack, collaborating with him is very good.