Why Thynke?

Education is for everyone

When you got up this morning, and looked at your phone, did you think, “why?”
When you chose what to have for breakfast, did you think, “why?”
How about when you were reading the news?
When you were forming an opinion of that new guy? When you were believing the advertising claims on television? When you were voting in the elections?

We make thousands of small decisions every day, but most of these we don’t even think about. We go through our days without that natural curiosity, wondering why things are the way they are. Wondering what we can do to change the situation that we are in.

At Thynke, we aim to reawaken that intellectual curiosity for new things, ways to improve, and possibilities for our lives. We believe that taking the time to think about what we’re doing will create a more mindful society who understand what’s going on around us.

One of our main focuses is giving students the tools they need to succeed in the education system. We believe education is paramount to a leading fulfilling life, and it is well documented that many great leaders and successful people are committed to a life of constant learning.

Exceeding the possibilities 

Just as every child has the right to an education, every student should have access
to the tools and information that they need to achieve their potential whilst studying. 

At Thynke, our aim is to help students succeed by providing them with guides and feedback,
and connecting them with successful students who can mentor them through the aspects of studying
which they find difficult. Providing students with this assistance will enable them to realise their
potential, and exceed what they had previously thought possible.


About the founder

Founder and Chief Thynker, Jack Goldingham Newsom

I founded Thynke in 2016 with an aim to help other students succeed. I graduated Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2015, with an International Baccalaureate Diploma score in the top 2.7% worldwide. As a high school student I tutored many students, and I hope to bring this expertise to the rest of the world. I am also actively involved in youth advocacy, having been a member of the founding Executive of Citizens of Today, a youth-for-youth organisation promoting political and social engagement within youth.

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